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Client Testimonial 

"Seeing Genevieve is one of the best investments I've made in myself. I saw her for about a year, mostly to process trauma. We did art therapy, talk therapy, and EMDR. Genevieve helped me to heal as well as learn about how to take care of myself. She is very skilled and intuitive, and her guidance in EMDR was very effective. Her patience was meaningful as she let us go at my pace and was never judgmental. You can trust her to be there for you and gently help you through your process."


Let's do therapy together!
(please note: I do not accept insurance)

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The way I work is trauma informed. I create a safe therapeutic environment through collaboration, transparency, and encouraging empowerment for choice.

My treatment is focused on

lasting growth and deep change.

I work from an Attachment Theory perspective, 

which means that I believe our early relationships with our caregivers have a great effect on our later relationships in life, and on the way we view the world.

When these experiences are wounding instead of nurturing they effect our ability to have fulfilling relationships. These Relational or "attachment" wounds come from long-term neglect, abuse, or misattunement

We get stuck in familiar patterns of relationship toxicity. It feels frustrating and hopeless.

This is the kind of complex trauma I help people to heal.

Yes, you can go from insecure to earned secure attachment.

Trauma fragments us.

Dissociating and fragmenting are mechanisms we use to survive these awful experiences. You will get to know these fragmented parts, and develop a secure relationship with yourself. All parts of you are welcome in our therapy.

My Training and Education: 
I graduated from CSPP Alliant University in 2015, and am a Licensed Marriage and family therapist.
I've been in private practice since 2018. I chose private practice because my clients and myself get to be more empowered in treatment options. I love running a business as well as providing direct client care. It's such a great fit for me.
 I am able to use my ADHD superpowers to serve my clients. I make a fierce advocate.
I am an EMDR certified therapist under both EDMRIA and The Parnell Institute. Laurel Parnell was instrumental to teaching me what I know about providing Attachment Focused-EMDR that takes the client/therapist relationship into account and provides a soft and trauma-informed approach.
Because of my own personal story I have always had a passion for empowering survivors of DV/IPV. I worked in a shelter and on a support hotline for 4 years before and during my graduate program
. My thesis was also on the most effective way to provide therapy to those still in an abusive relationship. 

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